Bowling commands a significant following among Filipino sports enthusiasts. The achievements and accolades bestowed on Filipino sportsmen in international arenas are always a source of national pride among their countrymen.

This penchant for bowling is probably inspired by the success of Filipino bowlers who reaped laurels in international tournaments. The overwhelming achievement of Paeng Nepomuceno as a four-time World Cup champion, the only bowler in the world to have performed such a feat and that, too, in three decades, continues to draw admiration not only from among Filipinos, but also among his compatriots in world bowling. Unsurpassed and unequalled to date, this accomplishment is permanently imprinted in the history of bowling. Along with Paeng, Bong Coo and Lita dela Rosa rendered the Philippines proud with their multiple World Cup titles and earned for the country a prominent place in world bowling.

In the Emirates, bowling favours the sportsman’s year-round calendar as there is no need to worry about extreme outdoor temperatures. Tracing back to almost two decades ago, a few Filipino bowlers in Dubai took on this sport by joining leagues and tournaments organized by local bowling centers (perhaps to alleviate the rigours of expatriate life). As years went on, the number of enthusiasts grew, prompting them to organize themselves into a group to meet the eventual demands of growth as evidenced by a bigger membership and better bowling skills. Through the years, the group existed in different names, i.e. United Filipino Association of the Emirates – Dubai Bowling Club, then Filipino Bowling Club, which evolved into what is presently known as the Dubai Filipino Bowling Club (DFBC).

In 1992, the DFBC was conceived as the organized group in recent years registering 150 members. Its first President was Mr. Rolly Detaro, succeeded by Mr. Benjamin Descargar who introduced the original Constitution & By-laws in 1993. The following year, Mr. Cesar Bautista was elected President. Club membership continued to grow and leadership changed hands to Mr. Caloy Serrano in 1995, Mr. Roland Detaro in 1996, and then to Mr. Teddy Yu during the years 1997 & 1998 that ushered in significant changes and events. In 1997, the club adopted important amendments to its Constitution and revisions to its major league rules, which now form the framework for management of its activities. Both amended constitution and league rules were initiated by then Vice-President, Chris Jaguros.

One of the objectives of the DFBC is to foster closer ties and camaraderie among other bowling clubs and the multifarious Filipino communities in the Emirates. It also aims primarily to improve the bowling skills of its members to be at par with international standards.

To achieve these objectives, the DFBC conducts the All-Filipino Bowling League every Friday in two conferences yearly primarily for its members. The club is based in the venues of its leagues & tournaments starting from then Dubai Bowling Centre to Al Nasr Leisureland Bowling Centre then to ThunderBowl on Sheikh Zayed Road. Presently, the club is based at the 36-lane state-of-the-art Dubai Bowling Centre in Al Mamzar area.

It has initiated one-day invitational tournaments with the Abu Dhabi Filipino Bowling Club which were held alternately in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Soon after, the bowling clubs of Sharjah, Ruwais and Ajman joined in, and more recently, Ras Al Khaimah, and these activities now form an integral part of the club’s annual calendar.

Cognizant of the ever-growing demands of a group that has reached over 200 membership, the 1997-1998 leadership broadened the club’s activities to include interaction among other existing sports, social and cultural clubs in the Emirates.

Members were always encouraged to actively participate in local and international tournaments organized and sanctioned by the Emirates Bowling Federation.

It took steps to expand and elevate its sports activities internationally by spearheading the Filipino Gulf Bowling Tournament held in Dubai on 29th August 1997 which was participated in by bowlers from various Filipino bowling clubs in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the UAE. It also took the lead in encouraging the four major Filipino Bowling Clubs of the UAE for equal participation in the selection of the official UAE Bowling contingent (men & women) for the 3rd Philippine Friendship Games held in Bahrain.

The year 1998 marked another milestone for the club. The zealousness and hard work of its leadership came to fruition when it hosted the 1st GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour, conceived as the jumping board for a series of tours among Filipino bowling clubs based in the Gulf Region. Bowlers from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (Al Khobar, Jeddah & Riyadh), Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE participated in this tournament. This has become a yearly event since then: 1999 in Qatar, 2000 in Bahrain, and 2001 in Abu Dhabi – UAE.

In 1999, the club elected its first lady President. Elsie Martin Marcial took over the reins from Teddy Yu as the anointed successor, having taken an active role as a club officer and having worked closely with her predecessor in all club activities during his term.

Accomplishments continued and more victories highlighted that year. The DFBC has come to the forefront, winning almost all local and GCC tournaments it participated in. The back-to-back championship titles in the team and doubles events for both men and women’s divisions during the Philippine Friendship Games held in Dubai in May 6-7, 1999 were the jewels in its crown. Both men’s and women’s teams were recipients of the Philippine President’s Cup.

In September 9-10, 1999, the DFBC ladies team captured for the second consecutive year the Championship Cup in the 2nd GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour held in Qatar. Again, in Bahrain during the 3rd year of the GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour, it was a “three-peat” performance by the ladies team who participated as a federation for the first time as they bagged the Championship Cup for their division.

In the year 2000, Teddy Yu assumed the DFBC presidency once again and put forth a strong initiative with the Presidents of ADFBC, SFBC & ADFBC along with identified leaders of all four clubs in organizing an alliance of independent bodies to oversee matters common to all the clubs. The most basic concerns were the standardization of the Inter-Emirates Invitational Tournaments and the selection procedure for the UAE bowling contingent to the Philippine Friendship Games as well as the GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour, both of which are held annually.

In addition to its sports activities, the club provides assistance to its members and their families as well as other needy Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) pursuant to its underlying objective on community service. During the recent years, the club provided assistance in the repatriation of some distressed workers who sought sanctuary at the OWWA Centre. It also took care of sending home a deceased member and setting up a fund with the Philippine National Bank for the education of her children.

In 2001, Edgard Luarca took over the leadership. Presently, the Presidency for the year 2002 is in the hands of Ariel Serrano. This web site, dfbc-uae.com is a legacy of the present administration.

These achievements bespeak of the present status the club has reached through years of dedication in achieving and preserving its ideals and objectives despite its modest means. This would not be possible without the cooperation and support of its officers and members whose aspirations constitute the essence of DFBC.

Presidents Past & Present:

2002 : Ariel Serrano

2001 : Edgard Luarca

2000 : Teddy Yu

1999 : Elsie Marcial

1998 : Teddy Yu

1997 : Teddy Yu

1996 : Roland Detaro

1995 : Caloy Serrano

1994 : Cesar Bautista

1993 : Benjamin Descargar

1992 : Rolly Detaro




DFBC is the only club among all participating clubs to have recorded a Grand Slam by winning all four invitational tournaments consecutively in 1998.

January 30, 1998 - Champions, Abu Dhabi Invitational Tournament

Abu Dhabi Tourist Club, Abu Dhabi – UAE.

March 27, 1998 - Champions, Ruwais Invitational Tournament

ADNOC Sports Club, Ruwais – UAE.

July 17 , 1998 - Champions, Dubai Invitational Tournament

ThunderBowl, Dubai – UAE. (Men’s & Women’s Divisions.)


September 4, 1998 - Champions, Sharjah Invitational Tournament

Holiday Inn Resort Hotel Bowling Centre, Sharjah - UAE

(Men’s & Women’s Divisions)


Sept. 17-18, 1998 - Champions, (Men’s & Women’s Teams)

Champion – Men’s Singles Event: Mel Calumberan

Champion – Women’s Singles Event: Raquel Cucal

1st GCC All Filipino Bowling Tour, Thunderbowl, Dubai .


February 5, 1999 - Champions, 1st Ajman Invitational Tournament

Ajman Kempinski Hotel Bowling Centre, Ajman – UAE.

(Men’s & Women’s Divisions.)

May 6-7, 1999 - Champions - Recipient of the Philippine President’s Cup

3rd Philippine Friendship Games (GCC countries)

ThunderBowl, Dubai – UAE.


  • Men’s Team: George Abanilla, Roland Detaro, Jun Masangkay, Rey Rubio, Jun Morales & Gaddi Luarca.

  • Women’s Team: Virgie Villar, Minda Meneses, Edna Diesta, Tess Victoria, Raquel Cucal & Elsie Marcial.

  • Men’s Doubles: Jun Masangkay & Jun Morales

  • Women’s Doubles: Elsie Marcial & Raquel Cucal.


  • Men’s Masters: Jun Masangkay


  • Women’s Doubles: Virgie Villar & Minda Meneses

  • Men’s Masters: Roland Detaro

  • Women’s Masters: Raquel Cucal

September 9-10, 1999 - Champions (Women)

2nd GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour

Qatar Bowling Centre, Doha, Qatar.

October 1, 1999 - Champions & 1st Runners-up (Women)

3rd Inter-Emirates Bowling Tournament

ThunderBowl, Dubai - UAE.


The Winning Teams in Bahrain

23-25 August, 2000 - Champions (Women’s team as FBF)

Masters Champion (Men) - George Manioso

Singles 2nd Runner-up (Men) - Jun Masangkay

Singles Champion (Ladies) - Elsie Marcial

3rd GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour, Bahrain.


- 2nd Runner-up – Women’s Trio

(Virgie Villar, Minda Meneses, Elsie Marcial)

- 2nd Runner-up - Women’s Singles

Elsie Marcial

4th GCC All-Filipino Bowling Tour in Abu Dhabi:

Masters Champion (Men): Roland Detaro


15 March, 2002 - Champions - Men’s & Women’s Teams

1st Runner-up - Women’s Team

2nd Runner-up - Men’s Team

1st Filipino Bowlers Federation Invitational Tournament

Hosted by ADFBC

Dubai Bowling Centre, Dubai.


May 23, 2003

Champion – Male Division

Champion – Female Division

1st Filipino Bowlers Federation Invitational Tournament

Hosted by SFBC at Dubai Bowling Center


July 4, 2003

Champion – Male Division

2nd Runner Up – Male Division

2nd Filipino Bowlers Federation Invitational Tournament

Hosted by ADFBC at Khalifa Bowling Center


September 12, 2003

1st Runner Up – Male Division

3rd Filipino Bowlers Federation Invitational Tournament


November 28, 2003

Champion – Male Division

Champion – Female Division

1st Runner Up – Male Division


6th GCC All Filipino Bowling Tournament

August 26-29, 2003

Hosted by Sharjah Filipino Bowling Club @ Dubai Bowling Center

All Events – Male Division – Champion – George Manioso

1st Runner Up – Art Oberio

2nd Runner Up – Jordan Evan

Doubles Events – Male Division – 1st Runner Up – Art Oberio & Philip Raymundo

Masters Event – Male Division – Champion – George Manioso

1st Runner Up – Art Oberio

Trio Event – Male Division – Champion – George Manioso, Art Oberio, Jordan Evan

All Events – Female Division – 1st Runner Up – Elsie Marcial

Masters Events – Female Division - 1st Runner Up – Elsie Marcial

Trios Events – Female Division – 2nd Runner Up – Elsie Marcial, Tess Victoria, Fatimah Albaraccin



//Compiled by Elsie M. Marcial