LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak)  is back with the annihilation of powerhouse Tweeners Reloaded 10-1 in Round 9 of the ongoing Dubai Filipino Bowling Club 2011 1st Conference, LACOSTE Cup!!! 

LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak) is back to their old form when they defeated highly fancied Tweeners Reloaded 10-1 in Round 9 of DFBC’s 1st Conference, LACOSTE Cup!

It was The Terrible, The Pride of Calbayog, Jordan Evan leading the way for LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak) burning the lanes with his 748 scratch game with 277, 244 and 227. Jordan was named Ballantine’s High Series of the Week winner for the 2nd game in a row after bagging the same feat in round 8 with his 769 scratch series. Jordan realizing that his Silent partner, Ricky “The Silent Operator” Reyes will take time to get back in the game upped his game few levels up to carry LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak) to victories. Providing support to Jordan “The Terrible” Evan is Danny “Erap” Torres who contributed 651 pin falls, Gary Faustino with 593 pin falls, Team Captain cum Manager, Dante “Generous & Glamorous” Herras came through with 586 pin falls and the sultry Clarisse Corpuz finished it off with 587 series. The win put LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak) at #2 with 55 points. 

Tweeners Reloaded was paced by Philip “Fast Bowler” Raymundo with 661 scratch series, Mel “Pretty Boy” Aviles with 654 scratch series, Myra Aviles with 604 series, Doc Ronnie Fabian with 596 series and Team Captain Ed Sakkam with 580 scratch series. The loss put Tweeners Reloaded in #15 with 42 points. 

KKK Bowl Pins proved that their 5 games winning streak is no fluke recorded their 6th consecutive win in Round 9 versus Ballantine’s team 10-1. Being hot could be an understatement for KKK Bowl Pins as they are sizzling hot!!! with their bowlers delivering at the crucial stages of the game turning defeat to victory. KKK Bowl Pins was directed by The New Tower of Power, Julio Herrera who led the team with 638 series. Julio got ample help from Team Captain Robert Vargas with 634 series, Edna Basco was steady with her 605 series, Roland Detaro contributed 596 scratch series but instrumental on few instances turning defeat to victory and Ramil Tesoro coming through with 554 series. The win enabled KKK Bowl Pins to climb up to #4 with total of 54 points. 

It was a heartbreaking loss for Ballantine’s team losing all 3 games with the slimmest margin. The whisky drinkers were led by the perennial Pasaway kid, Jay-R Yjares with 664 scratch series, Team Captain Mario Magdaluyo with 630 scratch series, Odessa Alagasi with 605 series, Lino Balagtas with 591 series and Brian Escriba combined with Xanthie Fronda delivering 467 series. The loss pushed the #3 Ballantine’s team out of the Elite Top 10 teams at #11 with 47 points. 

Idol N’Frenz took advantage of the dilapidated line up of No Bandage in eking out a win 10-2. Team Captain Ricky Esteban was unstoppable in posting his 709 series on games of 208, 272 & 229 to lead his team. Similarly unstoppable is Odette Reyes who posted 690 series on 236, 231 & 223 winning Ballantine’s High Series of the Week honours. Rex Galang follow through with 588 series, Rene Hinolan was next with 584 series and Toto Agura with 572 series. The win gave Idol N’Frenz total of 44 points which is good for #13. 

No Bandage missing the services of their Team Captain, July Perez and lady bowlers who are all in holiday was led by Ding Saquing with 622 series, Robi Gamboa with 573 series and Lito Dipasupil with 560 series. The loss pushed No Bandage at #21 with 26 points. 

Kraken continues to dominate posting another win at the expense of AutoPro 7-4.  There is no stopping Kraken pulling away from the pack with Ailyn Bello leading the team with 674 series on games of 244, 213 & 217 winning Dante’s Peak Bowler of the Week on her 244 high game. Assisting Ailyn is Erick Quinto posting 624 series, Walter Aldeguer with 617 series, Team Captain Edgar Vale with 596 series and Malou Calibara Fideles who finished with 535 series. With total of 71 points after Round 9, Kraken is well ahead of the pack. 

AutoPro tried to stop Kraken but was unsuccessful was paced by Jun Ganzon with 594 series, Noel Enriquez with 577 series, Michael Minay with 569 series, Robert Knapp with 560 series and Lovell Halili with 516 series. AutoPro continues to stay in the cellar with 7 points. 

Lipton Chai Latte took turns in beating the lights out of ABS CBN Easy Remit 9-0. Ver Lacuata led Lipton Chai Latte’s offensive with 648 series, followed by the Original Pretty Boy, Dan Alcantara with 635 series, Odie “Baby Ama” Burayag is next with 589 series, Vicky Joquico is right behind Odie with 578 series and rounding off the scoring chores is Team Captain Cris Cueva with 575 series. The win allowed Lipton Chai Latte to go up to #3 with 55 points. 

ABS CBN Easy Remit was led by Team Captain Caloy Serrano with 566 series, Edgar Cosio with 549 series, Amy Serrano with 504 series and Flor Dipasupil with 490 series. The loss kept ABS CBN Easy Remit at #20 with 26 points. 

Western Union pounded heavily Covenant team in posting their victory 8-3. Vien Datinguinoo stood tall in Western Union offensive leading the team with 634 series. Vien got a lot of support from Philip Cabutihan with 607 series, Liza Lugto with 589 series, Irene Serrano with 572 series and Tony Tolentino bolted in with Team Captain Ariel Serrano in delivering 582 series. The win enabled Western Union to enter the Elite Top 10 teams at #10 with 48 points. 

Covenant was not able to capitalize on game 1 collapse of Western Union was led by Eugene Provido with 676 series, Lusy Ingente with 613 series, Hector Francia with 562 series, Toots Bilocura with 530 series and Maria Lance Gil with 530 series. Covenant is at #12 with 45 points. 

Reliance team pounced on Babert’s Ball Breakers 8-4. Two lefties starred for Reliance with Rodel Billones leading the way with 665 scratch series followed closely by Team Captain Che Marquez with 664 scratch series. Ben Descargar back from his MBA course is next with 626 series, Stephen Fideles added 579 series and Tina Tabon closed the scoring with 559 series. Reliance is now at #9 with 48 points. 

Babert’s Ball Breakers was a different team from their old role of giant killers. Babert’s Ball Breakers are now becoming the favorite whipping boys of the league. Herbert Capili continued to carry the load for the team with 608 series, Team Captain Dong Corpuz with 606 series, Roan Araza with 596 series, Edwin Diaz with 551 series, Shella Tabirara combined with Susan Hipolito with 472 series. The team is at #19 with 32 points. 

DIBC starring Dennis Gustillo defeated Jimmy’s Team 6-2. Kuya Dennis Gustillo gave another sterling performance with 729 scratch series capped by his 289 high game in Game 2 winning Accumulator award and Dante’s Peak Bowler of the Week honours. Albert Leyesa was the only other DIBC bowler in 600 series with exactly 600. Raul Cariaga submitted 561 series, Team Captain Elsie Marcial chipped in 531 series and Jey Laurel added 539 series. DIBC managed to cling on #5 spot with total of 51 points. 

Jimmy’s team was paced by Beng Santos with 594 series, Fred Realon with 594 series, Manny Lacuanan with 585 series, Louie Sindayen with 563 series and Team Captain Jimmy Davantes with 535 series. Jimmy’s team is at #16 with 41 points.   

The rest of the results: 

Real Pin Pals stopped PSSP UAE 6-2.  

Synergy Express 3D is triumphant against Simple Keglers 6-3

Arki Bowlers played giant killer in demolishing #2 Storm 8-0.  

Our Star Performers in Round 9.


Accumulator Award                                                  Dennis Gustillo          289 pin falls

Dante’s Peak Bowler of the Week – Male             Dennis Gustillo          289 pin falls

Dante’s Peak Bowler of the Week – Female         Ailyn Bello                  244 pin falls


Our Dante’s Peak Bowler of the Week winners will receive a perfume courtesy of El Presidente, Dante Herras.


Ballantine’s High Series of the Week – Male          Jordan Evan             748 pin falls

Ballantine’s High Series of the Week – Female      Odette Reyes             690 pin falls


Our Ballantine’s High Series of the Week winners will receive a Ballantine’s bag courtesy of Mario Magdaluyo.


Ben Descargar ’s Team of the Week               LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak)    3,165 pin falls


LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak) Team will receive AED150.00 courtesy of Mr. Ben Descargar . 

WTA winners:


Game 1

Game 2

Game 3





Male Open

Butch Vargas (266)

Dennis Gustillo (289)

John Calamlam (255)

Female Open

Ailyn Bello (244)

Ailyn Bello (213)

Ailyn Bello (217)





Can you please note that WTA is open to all bowlers, current handicap will apply. 

The TOP 10 TEAMS after Round 9. 






LACOSTE (Dante’s Peak)




Lipton Chai Latte




KKK Bowl Pins












Synergy Express 3D




Arki Bowlers








Western Union




Public Service: You are all invited to attend a seminar for Cervical Cancer prevention to be hosted by Doc Ronnie Fabian. The seminar will be conducted in one of the leading hotels in Dubai where dinner will be served free of charge. There will also be free vaccination that will be provided during the seminar for cervical cancer prevention. All is invited to attend with your family and friends. However, we will need confirmation of the number of attendees for the hotel bookings. Interested parties can contact Doc Ronnie Fabian at 050 6240334 or DFBC VP July Perez at 050 6319265 or DFBC Secretary Cris Toledo at 050 8786459. 

It will be the last day to add new bowlers in your line up this coming Friday, 1st April 2011. Please ensure that any addition to your line up will be effected on your Round 11 score sheet.

Congratulations to our Bowler of the Month Champions for the month of February 2011.




Class O – Male

Jake Leonador (Kraken)


Class A – Male

Robi Gamboa (No Bandage)


Class B – Male

Jimmy Davantes (Jimmy’s Team)


Class C – Male

Adrian Amposta (PSSP UAE)





Liza Castro (Synergy Express 3D)





 Our March BOM qualifying is still ongoing. For all BOM participants you can register with PSSP UAE in Lane 8 for the 1st session of our double header and it will be Lipton Chai Latte in Lane 12 in Round 11 for the 2nd session of our double header on Friday, 1st April 2011 for your entries. The deadline for your entries will be before the end of the 3rd frame of the first game. Our BOM entry fee is AED 25.00.

That is all for now. Let us enjoy our Fridays in DIBC. Just remember bowling is fun and therapeutic. Win or lose just keep on smiling and Laughter is the best medicine. Happy bowling to everybody!!! See you all on Friday, 1st April at 9:00am for our Round 10 to be followed immediately by our Round 11 at 12:00pm

by Mario Magdaluyo